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The way to the USA through an E2 Visa

There are many ways to obtain residency and citizenship in the USA. One of the popular options is via an E2 Visa.

The E2 visa is available to citizens of countries that have a treaty with the USA. It is s a non-immigrant visa for investors, entrepreneurs, or people wanting to run a business in the United States.

With an E2 visa, you are permitted to start a US business or alternatively, you can invest in an existing US business and then work for that business.

Making an E-2 visa investment allows you to enter the U.S. as the business benefits from your capital injection into the economy.

How Much Must I Invest?

Once you have established that you wish to invest in the United States economy, the next question is to decide on how much of an investment you need to make.

A minimum investment of approximately $150,000 is required to qualify for the E2 visa. Together with the minimum investment, you must have a business plan. The business plan is used to prove to the government that the business is viable and will be around for a reasonable time.

Along with the business plan, provision must be made for 1 or 2 employees. If you can show that there are clients and a cash flow for the business then you are almost over the first hurdle of receiving your E2 visa.

The Benefits of an E2 Visa

The application process is quite quick and a visa can be issued very soon after applying. However, the process can become more complicated. You can plan on the application process taking approximately 3-4 months if there are no problems.

This visa is also very popular as it is one of the cheapest ways of obtaining one.

The downside is that you need to renew the visa regularly and you will never be eligible for citizenship. You will need to change the status of your visa if you wish to become a citizen.

Introducing Contador America

Moses Nae, CEO of TaxLeaf, Contador Miami, and the founder of Contador America is passionate about helping foreign investors and business owners buy an existing business, open a new business, or open a franchise business via an E2 visa.

As many legal requirements must be met when trying to qualify for an E2 visa, it is crucial that you consult with a knowledgeable and experienced tax accountant to help guide you through the process.

Here’s what one of our successful business owners has to say about the service and support they receive from being partnered with Contador America:

Cesar Buenavista, Doral, Fl

“I am an Account Manager with Contador America and have been working with clients for more than 6 years. The technology they provide is incredible. I have access to everything from my phone if I need it. They are very professional and provide excellent support for me and my employees.”

To help you learn more about how Contador America can assist you to obtain your E2 visa for the USA, stop what you’re doing right now and click the link below to watch our detailed webinar where we explain how we can help you.

The Way To the USA Through the E2 Visa Webinar

Alternatively, call us now to secure a FREE 30-Minute Consultation with one of our business experts.