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Incorporate in Delaware

Advantages of Forming a Company in Delaware

Delaware is a great option for forming companies in the USA. Many non-residents prefer to open a new company in Delaware for the reasons below. Delaware has the added benefit of full anonymity. Read below for the advantages of forming an LLC in Delaware


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  • Additional Advantages
  • There are many advantages to opening a new company in Delaware. This is often a popular state for non-residents to choose to incorporate. Below we will discuss some of the main advantages of opening a new company in Delaware.
  • Anonymity – Company records are not open to the public. Owner and/or members of a company are not easily found on the internet. In order to find information about the owners of a Delaware company, a fee must be paid. For this reason, Delaware offers more anonimity.
  • Limited liability – Owners of an LLC have the limited liability protection of a corporation.
  • Flexible profit distribution – Limited liability companies can select varying forms of distribution of profits. Unlike a common partnership where the split is 50-50, LLC have much more flexibility.
  • No minutes – Corporations are required to keep formal minutes, have meetings, and record resolutions. The LLC business structure requires no corporate minutes or resolutions and is easier to operate.
  • Flow throught taxation – All your business losses, profits, and expenses flow through the company to the individual members. You avoid the double taxation of paying corporate tax and individual tax. Usually, this will be a tax advantage, but circumstances can favor a corporate tax structure.

Renew Company in DelawareAddress in the USATax Returns in USA

  • How Long Does It Take To Form:
  • Once we receive the signed paperwork back from our clients, your company in Delaware will be complete and ready to use in 5 to 10 days. The state will send the original paperwork to the mailing address we utilize for the company.
  • What Type Of Upkeep Does It Require
  • Every year, by June 1, you must renew your company in Delaware. If your company does business in the state of Delaware, you may also have to file a State of Delaware tax return.

Renew Company in DelawareAddress in the USATax Returns in USA