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    What Company Type Is Best For My Company?

    There are a few different options when opening a new business.
    We’ll help you detect if it’s better for you to open an LLC or a Corporation.

    Here are the items to consider:

    • What state is best for your new company?
    • What type of company is best LLC vs Corp?
    • How many members does it going to have?
    • Is your company name available?

    Free Company Name Check

    Pick 3 names and we’ll email you the results of their availability.

      The franchise you pick should fit like a glove around your personality and lifestyle. When there is a perfect fit, and only then, can you achieve both fun and success.

      How long it takes to open my business:

      Once we receive your registration, it will take 4 to 5 business days to open your business. You will receive the following startup documents:

      • Articles of Incorporation.
      • Certificate of Status
      • Federal ID Number

      How much will it cost?

      A new company in the state of Florida will cost $ 499 to get started. Please select above how many businesses you would like to open and initiate payment.

      What are my annual obligations after opening my business?

      Every year, the State of Florida will apply to renew your business. The cost of this renovation costs $ 200 per year. You will also have to make the annual federal tax return after opening the company. If you open a C-Corporation, you will also need to file a tax return with the State of Florida.

      Introducing LeafCloud
      Your Tax and Accounting
      Docs On the Go

      We take the time to keep all of your tax and accounting docs nice and organized on the cloud. That means you can access them at anytime and from anywhere. We also make sure they are secure and backed up at all times.

      • Month-to-month financial statements Each Year’s Tax Returns
      • Each Year’s Patroll Reports
      • Each Year’s Paystubs, W2s, and 1099s
      • All your Bank Statements
      • All Sales Tax Receipts
      • Any Government Letters or Correspondence